Sunday, April 27, 2008

The demise of the independent video store.

I willingly had a hand in the demise of the independent video store.  There is now a self dispensing video rental machine in the Fred Meyer lobby.  It's been there for about two or three months.  It costs one dollar per movie rental per day, and up to fifteen days before it charges the cost of the movie.  After you re-insert the movie back into the machine it then charges you the fee for the rental time.  It is quite handy because I can return the next time I'm in the store.  On less trip to make and saved gas.  I will be the first to admit that I would always go to a local store over a chain any day but this one time was a test to see if it was worth it.  In a way it was but I did miss the human element.  As of now the self dispensing machine is quietly sulking in the darkness waiting for it's opportunity to upsurge the independently owned.  Lets try to keep the upper hand unless they come out with self dispensing gratification machines then we'd be really...... well you get the idea. GO HUMANS, GO!!!!

For those who are interested I rented the new release of I Am Legend, starring Will Smith.  Admittedly I was a little disappointed to find out his name is not Legend.  First off I did like the movie, second for those who haven't seen it can expect a movie sparse of other actors besides Will Smith and some supporting actors.  It is one of those movies that starts in one point of time and goes back to the past to revisit bad memories.  That and extremely brief explanations of what led to Will Smith being all alone on the island of Manhattan.  There is his faithful companion through most of the movie, his 3 year old German Shepherd.  I would recommend watching this movie with the lights turned off and an open mind.  Also in the extra features there are the quasi animated shorts that have to do with the movie's theme.  Here is something to look for in the beginning of the move when Will's character is driving through the city: A Batman & Superman giant sized movie poster with the Superman emblem over the Batman emblem.  Perhaps it's a hint for 2012 of a coming movie?????????????  

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