Friday, October 08, 2004


Another week goes by, and we get even closer to when Adrian will be joining us in the "other" side. I find myself during the week thinking about his arrival, and how much I look forward to it. It'll be, most likely, the happiest day in my life. Except for the day that I met my wife. Those two days are right up there at the top of the list. You'd think I'd be worried about money, finding a job, getting M into graduate school, or something like that. Oddly enough I'm leaning in the opposite direction of all that. I'm feeling impatient, like I can't wait for him to come. I want to do so much with him, show him the world that I know and love. All the experinces, feelings that goes with being alive. It's an interesting feeling, being the driving factor in helping shape a life. Not a god like complex, but just the simple fact of being there step, by step. This is the part of life where you really get to use all the life lessons that you learned while you where growing up. I guess it's the ultimate "pay-it-forward." Doing something good for someone and then passing the favor along to the next person.

I also wish that my Mom's parents Alvin and Louise, and my Dad's father Louis could be here just for a minute or two so they could see how well they raised their children. And how well they raised me. One thing I will make sure Adrian knows is how much he is loved by both M and I, and all of his family.

Catch you on the flip side.

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