Saturday, October 02, 2004

Music from the corner of my Mind.

As I sit here, as I always do, trying to compose awe inspiring thoughts, sonnets, rifts, an epic perhaps? Anyway...... I was thinking about music and all the many different effects it has on people, places and time. Do you know what I mean? Music has a huge roll in how a persons mood is while they work, play, during sex, and the all popular driving your car. I've noticed we all become proud of the music we listen to. For example: the people that blare their rap music to the point they'll blow the windows out of their cars. Me for instance and all of us is guilty of doing it at one point or another turning up our own music in the car so other people can hear it outside. Showing off is just human nature especially when it comes down to our music.

When I had my radioshow on KUGS it was such a good feeling to be able to share my taste in music over the air waves in Bellingham. Every Saturday from 2-4pm I'd let the listeners in on my eclectic collection of all sorts of music. Some of there first music that I remember listening to was a Men At Work Album called "Men At Work." They where the 80's band from New Zealand. They lead singer Colin Hay recently did a song on the Scrubs TV Soundtrack, it's an acoustic version of the song "OverKill". He also did a song for the Movie Garden State called
"I Just Don't think I'll get Over You" it also is done acoustically. I think that since Zack Braff is in both Scrubs and wrote and directed Garden State he chose Colin Hay to do a song for his movie.

Music plays a big part in my life and if I didn't have music I would probably be a different person. Dave Brubeck , U2, Ben Folds Five, The Bare Naked Ladies, Ani Difranco, Tori Amos, and of course The Beatles and all the other great musical groups out there I thank you for everything. I want to ask a question to all those who visit this blog. What is some of your favorite music, Bands, memories, and experiences with music. Write what ever comes to mind and write as much as you want. It would be cool to see all the different responses I get. I'll leave you with the lyrics to a new song from the Barenaked Ladies new Album Everything To Everyone, it's called Aluminum it's one of my new favorite songs. when you read the lyrics add a light back beat to it and get your friend to help you sing the chorus parts (it's more fun that way). Enjoy!


How in every visible way you shine - As if the stars in
your wake align - Almost impossible to malign

But just below where you shine you burn - Although I
know it, I never learn - Just goes to show that I can't

Aluminum to me - Aluminium to some - You can Shine
like silver all you want - But you're just Aluminum

Illuminating just waht you want to show - You'll never
rust, but I'll never know - You can't be trusted; I can't
let go

Aluminum to me - Aluminium to some - You can shine
like silver all you want - But you'r just Aluminum

Everytime you're here I forget - When you leave, you
leave only regret - Every time you're near I forget -

You're so lightweight, how can you survive - Recycling
moments from other's lives? - You're not as precioous as
you contrive

Aluminum to me - Aluminium to some - You can shine
like silver all you want - But your just Aluminum

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Anonymous said...

dansen says...:: i read your blog often, and thought I should leave a comment here since we havent talked in awhile and I wanted to put in my 2 yen (instead of 2 cents heehee) ... anyway, thought it would be interesting to point out that sometimes over here in Japan I hear stupid old man blaring load EINKA (thats like Japanese version of Country Western) from their cars... I guess they want to share too? Music that influnces me is music that feels like it moves me, wraps me up in its tempo and just takes me away, for that reason sometimes classical music, and heavy metal are fun washes of noise, plug in a good set of headphones and let the noise roll over/in you. other times neo-jazz (old stuff is too predictable) and techno give a nice up beat dancable yeehaw, and hip hop (with deep bass) feels really good on an awesome sound system, rumbling so that the sound becomes almost real, as if the sound is a physical thing... of course there are a lot of other styles that are good, but thats what comes to mind at the moment. cheers!