Monday, January 10, 2005

Soon Enough

D-Date +5. Still no baby to report, so to all those who will probabyly continue to ask, I assure you that you will be called when the little man makes his appearence. Thursday is when M is scheduled to go in to get induced. M really dosen't want to have the procedure done but that's what the doctor said, and by the time she'll induced it will be a week and two days over her due date so it will be time for him to come out. Today should be M's last day at work before the baby comes, yes that's right she has still been going to work. With her home she'll have more time to concentrate on getting Adrian out. Since she's been going to work she's always busy, she'll have a few contractions at work, and while she's at home she has them but as soon as she goes to sleep they stop. (suck!)

My brother is visiting Seattle for the next week or so, he arrived on Saturday and is staying two blocks away from the Space Needle. He made the trip with his friend Niki, she's a friend of his from high school, And I have yet to figure their sleeping arrangments in their room. I talked with AOS yesterday and he sounds like their having fun time down there, and they have alot of places planned to visit. He probably won't be coming up to B'ham though, which sort of sucks cause I would have like to have seen him while he's out here. Although I think it will be good for him to do something on his own and to experience a new city.

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syrinx said...

Hello - good luck with the impending family addition! Say hi to M and to Adrian for C and I over here in Japan. Can't wait to see some photos of him on your blog!