Thursday, January 06, 2005

Day by Day

M went back to work today, and told me on the way to school that regardless of what happens next Monday will be her last day. That is of course if Adrian comes before then. M is hopeing that by being on her feet all day will help the process a little bit. Well besides the fact that there is no baby yet we're both doing well, for the time being.

School is starting a little slow but it will pick up soon enough. Yesterday my friend Chris and I did the second of our four AC generator labs that we have to do this quarter. The experiment uses almost six different pieces of equitment, 2 DC Machines, 2 Three-Phase AC Generators, Phaseing Lamps, a watt meter, and a Snycroscope, just to name a few. Not to mention the use of 8 digital multi-meters to measure voltage and current. It was a pretty cool lab and it was very big, as in taking up alot of work space. At one point during the experiment we had one of the DC machines and AC generator sets running the other by producing a nice 208 volts AC. It was pretty awsome!

I guess I better go to class now, catch you later.

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