Saturday, September 25, 2004

From here to, well, lets see, there.!

I was in the store today shopping for groceries. There was a man shopping with his son who seemed to be around 10 or so. Anyway he had his son in one of those shopping carts that have a truck cab on the front of it. As the man was going throught the produce section he told his son that he needed to pull over and stop the truck. The boy did so and with all the sound effect that go with applying the brakes and pulling over. It was quite qute, and I found myself smileing at what the two of them had done. I thought to myself, "I can't wait to do that with Adrian." It makes me feel even more anxious for his arrival, actually I guess technically he is here, but not all the way. Don't you love my logic? I mean think about it. Arriveing implies that he is already somewhere meaning inside M. She might say something about what I'm going to say. It's like he's arriving on a plane or something, just not yet.

I have some news, our friend (Phantom Manifesto) from Bal'mer is coming out to visit us during the middle of October. This will be her first time on the west coast, and if I remember correctly the farthest west she's ever been. I'll use the above pseudonym, nom de plume for the time being until I ask her about useing her proper name here on the blog. Anyway she's coming out to visit. Both M and I are very excitied about her visit. We haven't really started talking about what all we'll do, but most important is just spending the time togeather. It's not too often we get to have friends and family to come out here. Actually all the friends who come out here are considered family because we've known them for a long time and for how close they are to us. It may sound funny but whats' wrong with that? Ok, how do I make the departure from this line of thought to my schooling? mmmm............. Let's see.

School is going good. (how's that for a segway?) The first full week of school is now over, only eleven remain. Right know we're learning about "Self -Excited DC Generators" and everything that pertains to there in. In my class there are twelve students, six groups of two to do motor labs, and eighteen labs to do, which mean each group of us gets to do three labs. Each of these labs gets progressivly more complex. We're beeing shown how controlling a field rheostat alows for more saturation in the field coils of the shunt generator and increases the field current and voltage. Therefore resulting in a more efficient generator. Now I must admit there is slightly more to it that just that, I just felt I should share a very little fraction of what I've gotten myself into. Oh yes it gets even more complicated, wait till I start learning about AC (alternating current) motors and generators.

Well all for now, and catch you all on the flip side.

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