Friday, March 28, 2008

News, News, News.......

Well for those who have not heard yet M and I are expecting our second child.  If all goes alright the baby will be due in November.  We've known for a few weeks now but just wanted to make sure things are proceeding along just fine.  The other day M was looking through one of the millions of baby books we have and showed me the actual size of the baby.  At eight weeks which where we're at now it's about the size of a nickel.  From last week it was the size of a grain of rice.  Next week M goes in for her first doctors appointment to make sure things are progressing well.  We'll keep you updated as the news comes.

On music news Adrian has a new favorite song.  Kanye West's song "Stronger"  It's a remake of Daft Punks' song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.  Adrian loves this song, so much he starts to bob his head to the beat.   He knows who Daft punk is Gorillaz, and the group called Bowling For Soup.  As I have been typing this paragraph Adrian has been reading along out loud.   For the Gorillaz on of his favorite songs from them is "Dirty Harry".  From the movie Cars he quite enjoys Rascal Flats version of "Life is a Highway"  It's pretty cool to find out which songs he enjoys listening to.  His tastes rang from Vivaldi to the Gorillaz, to the Beatles, to Kanye West.  The eclectic listener he has become.

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