Saturday, December 11, 2004

Our New Life

On Thursday of last week M started having the beginning contractions of pre-labor. They are getting pretty strong, and M told me that he could come in a matter of hours or up to a week or so, because of how the contractions are coming. The other day I told M to tell Adrian to at least wait till next Thursday after my final at school. Anytime after that will be just fine. She said she has no control over it and I said I know. So I went up to M's tummy and pressed my mouth against her tummy and said to Adrian, "not yet please". I know he can't understand me, but it never hurts to try. So any day now we could be meeting our son Adrian, and that day will be the last day of our independence as a couple, and the first day in Our New Life.

Ah yes before I forget I thought I should mention that I am thinking about starting to write a short story. The topic is still up in the air until some things are finalized and approved but it should be fun to do. Recently I've feeling like I need to do something new. Like I've reached some sort of ceiling or maximum of sorts. Same thing goes for school, for instance this past Friday I started working on something that wouldn't be starting until the end of next quarter. The subject is called "PLC's" (Programmable Logic Controls). So what I've done is written a program for a PLC unit to control a bank of lights, which in the real world would be a bank of motors, and various controls. So instead of using mechanical means to control something we use (solid-state devices) to do the controlling and switching. It's pretty cool. So when we get to that part in my class I'll have a pretty good understanding of it, and I'll be able to help my class mates if needed. School is really awesome, I highly recommend it.

I hope everyone is doing well and I love you all very much. Catch you on the flip side.

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