Saturday, December 18, 2004

Any Day Now

M continues down the path to the due date. She has been having contractions for the last few weeks or so and they have been somewhat mild, but around the beginning of this past week they have been getting stronger and a lot more noticeable to her. Next Tuesday we have an appointment with our Mid-Wife Susan Willis. It will be nice to see her again because she's been away visiting her son in Costa Rica for the last month. And it will also be the first time I have been able to really go with M to the appointments due to me being in school. All is well up here in the Pacific Northwest, the tree is up and decorated, the weather is not too cold (about mid 40's and rain), and I no longer have a beard. So not too much say but to keep your ear to the road cause' the little man could come any day now.

Before I depart I will leave you with one line from one of my many favorite songs. If anyone gets an opportunity to check it out I highly recommend it.

"The sea it swells like over our heads and the night it is aching, two lovers lie with no sheets on their beds, Electrical Storm, Electrical Storm".

Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)
U2 The Best of 1990-2000

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