Friday, February 08, 2008

Trouble In Little Bellingham

Today Maralise got a call from Adrian's school, saying Adrian had a fall agianst a shelf at the school. He had fallen face first and split his lip and brused his gum. So M went over to pick him up she found him sitting in thier lunch room on a chair with a wet cloth on his mouth. As soon as Adrian saw her he broke down crying. M looed at his teeth and his gums and decided to take him up to the dentist's office for a emergency check up. Our doctor took some x-rays of his teeth to make sure nothing was broken or damaged by the fall. The doctor said that the brusing was from tearing of the tiny ligiments that hold your teeth in. Also that the little piece of skin between Adrian's upper teeth and upper lip teared just alittle bit. Ouch! Adrian has also been dealing with a cold and cough. He's done really well today except for now because he's tired and I'm sure he's in alittle bit of pain. Best be going.

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