Sunday, October 23, 2005

What is this 10 Questions?! Plus a few more for good measure?!

1) Music, what does it mean to you? 2)What sort of effect does it have on you when you're in a bad mood? 3) What sort of effect does it have on you when you're in a good mood? 4) What type of music do you prefer to listen to when you get home from work and you need to un-wind? 5) Do you prefer to not listen to any music when you get home? 6) If you where on a car trip and had only one type of music to listen to, or just one specific artist who or what would it be? 7) What type of music did you listen to when you where growing up? 8) Do you still listen to the same artisits and music as you did when you where younger? 9) How would you catagorize your music listening? i.e., eclectic, jazz, funk, hip-hop, grunge.... 10) Are you a in the closet car kareoke singer? You know you are! 11) If you could ever meet an musician famous or not who would it be? 12) What type of music would you have if you had a musical soundtrack to go with your everyday life? 13) Finally, if there was ever to a be a certian type of music to bring peace to the world what wouild it be?

I'm in a musical metality right now. The other day I got a song by Mike Doughty who is the former lead singer to the 90's group Soul Coughing, anyway the song is titled "Looking at the world from the bottom of the well" off the album Haughty Melonic You can also find it on the Grey's Anatomy [TV Soundtrack] They come highly recomended. Enjoy and let the music flow.

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Mad Girl said...

I just saw Doughty perform in Towson on Friday. He never fails to disappoint. Glad you are enjoying the new album, I actually don't like it as much as Skittish or Rockity Roll, but that doesn't make it bad. Hope all is well.