Monday, November 15, 2004

Tomorrow Comes Today

All is well in the land of Washington. M is doing good since she has started going to physical therapy. She will be in her 33rd week on Tuesday, tomorrow, which means that it's four weeks till the 16th of December, and that means that Adrian could be born two weeks after that!!!!! Pretty wild huh? Well if you think that it is not, you might need your head looked at. M's mom has been sending us lots and lots of toys for the little man. It seems like every day is Christmas, but not for us, for him. Seeing the toys and playing with them makes me look forward even more to watching him grow up and getting to show him the world.

School is going real good for me. So far this quarter has been my favorite over all. Just something about what we're learning has gotten me really excited about school. So much in fact that I have put together a tour for my class mates and myself to visit Mariners Stadium (Safeco Field). It's been an on going project for the last two months or so. Rob our instructor suggested that we should try to go on a field trip to a place that utilized or produced electricity, and what we have been learning about in class being applied in real life.

So I went and started my search of who to contact to arrange some sort of trip to Safeco Field. I went and visited the company that owns the name of the stadium' s web site. I went ahead and filled out a general information request explaining what I was looking for and to get more info about a trip. About two weeks later they got back to me and told me that I would have to contact Mariners Stadium directly. Long story short I finally got a hold of someone at the stadium, which happened to be the head engineer there. I told him who I was, where I was from and what I was looking for. I told him that we where wondering if they offered tour of their electrical system, i.e.; lighting control, conduit runs, wiring runs, motor control cabinets, etc.... He told me that they could do i for us and he sounded really excited and looked forward to us coming down for such a tour. So on Tuesday Nov. 23rd 17 students, Rob our instructor, and myself will be getting a private 2 hour tour of Mariners stadium. We will also get to see how they operate the stadiums 1 million ton roof. Pretty cool huh? So all is well up here in the Pacific Northwest and until we meet again, adieu.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I'm emjoying thinking of you two playing with the toys...:-) Way to go on the stadium trip!

Looking fwd to more pix...C/mo